How to buy

Auction Website

First, choose an auction period. The “Initial Period” is the BIG ONE! 45% of the total supply will be out the door!

Then plug in how much ETH you want to send to the auction & click “Send ETH”

A drop down will appear allowing you to add your address if you haven’t already done so. Add your wallet address by clicking either the MetaMask icon, or the Ethereum icon for a non-Metamask wallet (we recommend Metamask for ease of use).

Then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Then, after the period ends go to “Claim” section and choose the auction period(s) from the drop down, click “Make claim”

We’ve also made it easy to find your RVP tokens in your MetaMask wallet by clicking this link on the Website:

You should have your RVP tokens as soon as the transaction is confirmed!

We also provide a summary of purchases, and a summary of how the overall auction is going, period by period, in the “Auction Summary” tab on the Website: